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Keep your bamboo whisk chasen in perfect condition with our premium quality whisk holder kusenaoshi. Crafted from ceramic, this holder is designed to protect your whisk's delicate prongs from damage and deformation.

The kusenaoshi features a unique design that allows air to circulate freely around the whisk, promoting fast drying and preventing mold growth. It also helps maintain the shape of the prongs, ensuring that your whisk will last for years to come.

Using the holder is easy. Simply rinse your whisk after use and place it onto the holder with the prongs facing down. The holder is also easy to clean - just rinse with warm water and allow to air dry.

Our whisk holder kusenaoshi is perfect for anyone who wants to take the best care of their bamboo whisk chasen. It's the perfect complement to our chasen and chashaku, and a great addition to any matcha lover's kitchen.

Order your whisk holder kusenaoshi today and keep your bamboo whisk chasen in perfect condition for your next cup of matcha.

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