Origins: A Coincidental Encounter in 2014

In the summer of 2014, a chance encounter with Matcha changed the course of my life. On a hot day in Germany, my health-conscious mother led me to a small tea specialist, a haven of tea expertise. Little did I know, this visit would spark a fascination that would evolve into MEISŌ.

The journey began with a mysterious order, a "MATCHARINHA," a Matcha Caipirinha Mocktail that instantly captivated my senses. From that moment, I experienced the extraordinary benefits of this green elixir—less summer heat, heightened concentration, and a profound sense of calm during work and wrestling training.

The 2020 Revelation: A Deeper Dive into Matcha

As my obsession with Matcha grew, reaching its peak during the challenging times of the 2020 pandemic, I delved deep into its intricacies. My exploration led to two profound realizations: the lack of awareness about Matcha's health benefits and the scarcity of quality options at reasonable prices.

Thus, MEISŌ was born—standing for meditation, reflecting the Zen monks' use of Matcha to enhance meditation and the idea that Matcha is a liquid meditation in itself. Determined to spread awareness like a Matcha Apostle, I embarked on a mission.

Virtues of Bushidō: Naming Our Matcha Palette

In pursuit of the finest Matcha, I reached out to manufacturers in Japan, tasting and blending countless varieties. The result: our own Matcha, carefully crafted from the best cultivars. Inspired by the Samurai and their code of Bushidō, I named our Matcha palette after its virtues:

1. GI (義): Righteousness, Justice, and Integrity.
2. YU (勇): Courage - To venture and endure.
3. JIN (仁): Benevolence, Compassion, Humanity.
4. REI (礼): Politeness, Etiquette.
5. MAKOTO (誠) or SHIN (真): Truth, Sincerity, Authenticity.
6. MEIYO (名誉): Honor.
7. CHUGI (忠義) or CHU (忠): Loyalty, Duty, Integrity.

Sustainability in a Cup: JAS and ASIAGAP Certified Matcha

To complement our commitment to quality, we introduce two organically grown and JAS certified Matchas: the ceremonial grade Matcha YU (勇) and the culinary grade Matcha MAKOTO (誠). Embracing sustainability, our newest addition is a Ceremonial Grade Matcha from an undiscovered terroir, proudly ASIAGAP certified. ASIAGAP, or Asia Good Agricultural Practices, signifies our dedication to sustainable farming practices, ensuring not only the highest quality but also responsible environmental stewardship.


MEISŌ is not just Matcha; it's a journey into authenticity, quality, and a deep connection with tradition. This is our story—this is MEISŌ.