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Matcha Mille Crêpe Cake


A Journey Through History:

The Mille Crepe Cake, a dessert born from the French culinary tradition, has captivated hearts and palates around the world. Its name, translating to "thousand layers," hints at the labor-intensive process involved in creating this delicacy. Originating from the classic French crepe cake, the concept evolved, and bakers embraced the challenge of stacking countless delicate crepes, separated by luscious layers of cream.

Evolution Meets Tradition:

In our rendition, we infuse a touch of Japanese elegance with the inclusion of Culinary Grade Matcha. This vibrant green tea powder not only adds a sophisticated flavor but also pays homage to the traditional Japanese tea culture. The marriage of these diverse culinary influences results in a harmonious blend of textures and tastes that elevate the Mille Crepe Cake to new heights.

Join us as we embark on a culinary adventure, exploring the origins of the Mille Crepe Cake and infusing it with the unique essence of Matcha. Let's indulge in the layers of history and flavor that make our Matcha Mille Crepe Cake a true work of art. 


Large Eggs 6
Culinary Grade Matcha 30 g

Brown Sugar

190 g


190 g

Unsalted Butter, melted 100 g
Whole Milk 710 ml.
Sea Salt 2 Pinches
White Couverture Chocolate 200 g
Heavy Whipping Cream 100 ml.
Mascarpone Cheese 500 g
Fresh Blueberries 500 g
Lemon, juiced 1
Vanilla Sugar, best homemade 1/2 tsp.
Cinnamon Sugar, best homemade 1/4 tsp.



1. Pour the milk into a medium sauce pan and set over medium heat until it begins to steam and is warm to touch.

2. In a large bowl, put the eggs, sugar, and salt. Whisk the ingredients well until the sugar granules have been completely dissolved. Slowly start adding small amounts of the warm milk into the beaten eggs, while whisking. Add the melted butter gradually into the mixture and whisk once again.

3. Sift in the flour and Matcha powder in small amounts at a time into the milk egg mixture and whisk well to combine. Make sure there are no more lumps left in your batter.
4. Cover the batter with plastic wrap and transfer into the refrigerator for at least 1 hour before cooking the crepe.

5. Meanwhile, prepare the blueberry filling. For it, put the blueberries in a food processor and blend them until homogenous.

6. Place a small saucepan over low heat and strain the blueberry sauce with a sieve into the pan. Add 100 g of sugar and lemon juice into the sauce and bring to a boil. Cook for about 10-20 minutes until reduced and thickened. Set aside to cool until needed.

7. For the white chocolate mascarpone filling, chop the couverture and put into a small saucepan. Add the heavy whipping cream into the pan and set over low heat. Cook until the white chocolate has melted, and the mixture is smooth and homogenous.

8. Put the mascarpone cheese in a separate bowl and whisk until smooth and fluffy. Gradually start adding the white chocolate ganache into the mascarpone while whisking until well incorporated. Set aside to cool until needed.
9. Remove the Crepe batter from the refrigerator and prepare a cooling rack lined with parchment paper. Set a 30 cm crepe or frying pan over low heat until it’s hot and brush the surface with butter. Remove the excess grease with a paper towel.

10. Scoop out just enough crepe batter (about 1 ladle) into the preheated pan, to cover the surface, and swirl until the bottom is well coated. Make sure to gently stir the batter before each scoop, otherwise the batter might get too thick toward the end.

11. Cook the crepe for about 2 minutes without touching it. The edges of the crepe should get a tiny bit crispier while cooking. Flip it with an offset spatula or by hand and cook the other side for 30 seconds. Transfer the crepe onto the prepared cooling rack.

12. Set a 25 cm crepe or frying pan over low heat until it’s hot and brush the surface with butter. Remove the excess grease with a paper towel.
13. Pour the crepe batter just enough to cover the bottom of the pan, about 1 ladle and swirl until the bottom is well coated. Cook the Matcha crepe for about 2 minutes without touching it. Once the edges of the crepe get a tiny bit crispier, flip it with an offset spatula or by hand and cook the other side for 30 seconds. Transfer onto the parchment paper lined cooling rack.

14. Continue this process until all the crepe batter has been used. Make sure to stir the batter before cooking each Matcha crepe, otherwise the batter might get too thick in the end.
15. Once the Matcha crepes have cooled down, prepare a round curved shallow dish, lined with a large piece of plastic wrap, and place the large crepe on top. Put the mascarpone white chocolate filing in the middle of the Matcha crepe and spread evenly, leaving the outer 5 cm, as this will be the top layer of the cake when flipped.

16. Place another Matcha crepe on top and put the blueberry jam in the middle of it. Spread evenly, leaving the outer 1 cm.

17. Continue this process until the last Matcha crepe has been placed on top.
18. Wrap the Matcha mille crepe cake with plastic wrap from one corner to clockwise and secure the end with a clip. This process will make sure that the final cake is evenly round, so don’t wrap it randomly.

19. Transfer the finished Matcha mille crepe cake into the refrigerator and chill for at least 2 hours until set.

20. Once firm, remove the plastic wrap and flip onto a serving plate. Dust Matcha powder on top of the cake and make some fresh whipped cream, if planned to serve with the cake.
21. Serve the Matcha mille crepe cake with some fresh blueberries, whipped cream and some blueberry jam dots, if liked.
Itadakimasu! Enjoy your homemade Matcha Blueberry Muffins!
Matcha Mille Crepe Cake with Blueberry Jam and White Chocolate Mascarpone Filling High Quality Organic Culinary Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder from Kagoshima, Japan
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